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DC Council Members Gather Signatures For Marijuana Legalization

(WeedBlog) Every supporter of marijuana reform in the country should have their eyes on Washington D.C. where a signature gathering campaign has been underway. The signatures are being gathered for an initiative that would legalize marijuana in our nation’s capital. A victory in Washington D.C. would be a victory for marijuana reform nationwide, not just in Washington D.C..

Unlike state level marijuana legalization initiatives, the Washington D.C. initiative will essentially have two phases. Washington D.C. initiative are not allowed to affect tax revenue, so this initiative will remove criminal penalties for up to two ounces, and allow home cultivation. It would then be up to the Washington D.C. Council to approve a measure that would allow taxation of marijuana sales. Fortunately for legalization supporters, there are already at least two Council members that support such a proposal.

Click here to donate to the Washington D.C. campaign

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